Conditions Treated

Musculoskeletal Disorder Treatment:

Repetitive Injuries

    Tennis Elbow

     Carpal Tunnel

​     Golfers Elbow

​Joint Pain & Injuries

     Hip                    Shoulder

     Knee                 Elbow

     Ankle                Wrist

     Foot                  Hand

Peripheral Neuropathy


Post Herpetic Neuralgia (Shingles pain)

Stroke Rehabilitation

Circulation Disorder Treatment:

Your full history, examination and treatment plan will be developed and reviewed during your initial visit.

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Shoulder Pain

Sprains & Strains


​Bursitis & Tendonitis

Pre & Pro Operative Joint Rehabilitation

Nonunion Fracture

​Trauma Rehabilitation

Neurological Disorder Treatment:

Extremity Swelling, Edema

Cold Extremities, poor circulation

Brenda Donaldson, M.D.