Dr. Donaldson believe a team approach is important for recovery from injuries and continuing pain.  Her treatment plan may include:  diet, exercise and movement programs, physical therapy, massage and other manual therapies based on each individual's needs.  These will be addressed in your initial visit.


  • Graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine
  • Board Certified:

​                      Emergency Medicine

                      Family Medicine

                     Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture            Styles

  • Physicians and other healthcare providers are most often trained in European and scientific theories, complementing their western medical knowledge


  • Many non-physician, non- medical acupuncturists are  trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. including herbals.

Why Dr. Donaldson?

Brenda Donaldson, M.D.


The Approach to Wellness

While using ancient needle techniques, a combination of modern neuroscience knowledge is used to repair and restore your body's function through sensory neuromodulation.  The goal is to restore the function of the peripheral and central nervous system through treating the local area of injury, the spinal cord level and at the brain level. This stimulates the body's natural healing process.


Dr. Donaldson's 25 years experience in emergency medicine led her to seek new alternative methods of treatment for patients with pain, injuries and illness that are unresponsive to conventional treatment.  Her openness to alternative viewpoints in healing led to over 10  years of intensive study and practice of neurofunctional acupuncture and ancient needle techniques.

Dr. Donaldson's success in patient treatments led to her exclusive focus on the study and practice of neurofunctional acupuncture.  Her passion for learning and advancing the theories of scientific acupuncture has resulted in her becoming an instructor in the Contemporary Acupuncture Program, directed toward educating other healthcare providers.

Dr. Donaldson was key in the development of the Medical Acupuncture Division at Beaumont Hospitals Integrative Medicine Department.